Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Project no.1 - Work begins!

Work started on 'Project no.1' today, the Black Dog Mining Co 'Mite' loco…

According to the instructions 'The first step is to drill the four dimples in the footplate with a 1mm drill bit' (to locate the roof supports) and this I eventually did after an hour of rummaging in boxes and muttering expletives… Knowing that I have a set of micro drill bits is not the same as knowing where it is!

Anyway, holes duly drilled, five-minute epoxy mixed up, five-minute epoxy removed from clumsy fingers and the first kit parts were glued together. This is where I left things today…

Project no.1 Black Dog Mining Co 'Mite'Project no.1 - Black Dog Mining Co 'Mite'

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